NEXSUM2024 Registration Guide:


To facilitate your registration for attending the NEXSUM2024 conference, we have prepared a user-friendly step-by-step guide. Follow the outlined procedure below to seamlessly register for the event:


      1. Locate and click the Register link positioned at the top right corner of the homepage.

       2. Complete the registration form with the required details.

       3. Click the Save button to submit your registration.


Upon successful registration, expect to receive a welcome email from the NEXSUM2024 secretariat containing your username and password.

       4. Access your profile by clicking the Login link and entering your provided username and password.

       5. Enter your username and password

       6. Click the Login button to access your profile.


With these simple steps, you will successfully register for NEXSUM2024 and gain access to your profile for further engagement with the event.


Once logged in, follow these steps for a smooth paper submission:

        7. Navigate to the Submit Paper tab to contribute to the event's content. 

         8. Click Submit New Paper bottom (on this page, you can also find Guide for Authors)

       9. Provide the necessary information, including the manuscript Title, Abstract, and Keywords.

       10. Click the Next button to proceed.

       11. Input the details of the First Author

       12. Specify if they are the corresponding author by toggling the relevant button.

       13. Click the Add Author button to include the author in the authorship.

       14. You can see the details of the Author you just added.

Repeat steps 11, 12, and 13 as needed for all authors.

       15. Click Next when the authorship information is complete

      16. Optionally, enter any additional comments in the designated space

      17. Click the Next button

To upload your manuscript, follow these steps:

      18. Select the appropriate file type.

      19. Click the Choose File button to upload your document from your device

      20. Provide a File description if necessary.

      21. Click the Attach File Button.

      22. Review the details of the attached file; you can download or remove it from its row's right-located icons. 

 if required, repeat steps 18, 19, 20, and 21 for any additional related files.

      23. Once all necessary files are attached, click Next.

      24. Verify your submission information through Paper Information, Authors, and Files. If everything is correct, click the Finish Submission button to complete the process.