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15 June 2024
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31 May 2024
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24 July 2024
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27 July 2024


Welcome to the Nexus Summit: Sustainability in a Changing World (NEXSUM2024)

This international conference brings together experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders from around the world to address the complex challenges facing our planet at the nexus of Carbon Neutrality, Environment, Energy, Food Security, Sustainability, and Climate Change. As the world faces rapid environmental, social, and economic changes, it is more important than ever to navigate this nexus with thoughtful and innovative solutions.

NEXSUM2024 offers a platform for participants to share the latest research, best practices, and innovations in sustainability. We aim to foster collaboration and inspire action towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Together, we will explore the latest developments in sustainable technology, policy, and governance and discuss the role of education, advocacy, and community engagement in driving sustainable change.

We invite you to join us as we navigate the Nexus of Carbon Neutrality, Environment, Energy, Food Security, Sustainability, and Climate Change and work towards a better world for all.


Universiti Malaysia Terengganu Convention Center (UMTCC),
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT),
Terengganu, Malaysia


Keynote Speakers


                Prof. Dr. Hassan Vatanparast
                Prof. Dr. Hassan Vatanparast
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Prof. Dr. Vijai Kumar Gupta
Dublin City University,
Prof. Dr. Pan Junting
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Prof. Dr. Wei-Hsin Chen
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Prof. Dr. Cheng-Di Dong
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
  Prof. Dr. Fubao Sun  
  Prof. Dr. Amin Mousavi Khaneghah
ITMO University,
Prof. Dr. Mikhail Kurushkin
ITMO University,

Prof. Dr. Fubao Sun
Jiangnan University,




NEXSUM2024 Special Issues by International Co-organizers



Other NEXSUM2024 Special Issues


Information about NEXSUM2024 Special Issues:

- for Environmental Chemistry Letters, selected Review Papers will be invited for submission to the journal.

- for submissions to Special Issues by BMC (Springer Nature), authors from lower-income countries will be eligible for discounts or full waivers by sending an application to the publisher.

- there will be full waivers in Article Processing Charges (APC) for submissions selected for International Journal of Coal Science & Technology.

- there will be full waivers for 2 submissions and a 50% discount for 1 submission in APC to Environmental Microbiome, selected by the conference scientific committee.

- there will be full waivers for 5 submissions and a 70% discount voucher for 5 submissions selected for Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods in APC.

- for International Journal of Renewable Energy Development, a full waiver will be granted for 3 submissions, and a 50% discount voucher, equivalent to 144 USD, will be applied to 7 submissions.

- there will be full waivers in APC for all submissions selected for Journal of Hazardous Materials Advances.

- Biofuel Research Journal does not impose any APC. Please note that dedicated special issues are not supported, and selected papers should be submitted for possible publication in regular issues.


Exciting developments are in the pipeline as we work on confirming additional Special Issues! Stay tuned for more updates





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